January 12, 2018



Joshua 23:14 ”…and ye know in all your hearts and in all your souls, that not one thing hath failed of all the good things which the LORD your God spake concerning you; all are come to pass unto you, and not one thing hath failed thereof.”

The first phrase that jumps out at all of us would be the phrase that is repeated twice in the verse. It is the statement “not one thing hath failed“. Anytime in God’s Word that something is mentioned twice, it means that it is extremely important. That means it is being emphasized, pointed out, and extremely important. Why is this so important?

Well let me first say that this statement reminds us that not only has God not failed us, but everything that He has done or allowed has not failed us either. It says not one thing has failed. This is a reminder that if God will not fail us, then we have to trust everything He does. It means we must have confidence in the fact that everything God allows is in some way, shape, or form is good for us. God only does “good things”. It does not say that the things that God does in our life will not be confusing, uncomfortable, painful, unfair, or enjoyable. We are just promised that whatever God does, is good “concerning you”.

This statement also seems to claim that apparently, on occasion, you and I have a tendency to think somehow, or someway that either God, or the things God has done, has failed us. In other words, we would not have to be reminded of this in verse 14 if it were not for the fact that we sometimes feel that way. God knew the individuals He was talking to then, and He knows us now. We need to remind ourselves today that God has not failed us, and nothing He has done has failed either.

The last thought that amazes me is this. Of the information we are given in this verse about the way God works in our lives, probably the most incredible piece is three small words. I don’t think that we are even able to fully understand these three words. I don’t think we can understand what it means for us, and also what it means of all that God does for us. These three words describe the completeness, the detailed nature, and the overwhelming care of God. It is three words that you nor I could ever use to describe the extent of our performance in Love, friendship, commitment, or even our day to day life. What are these three words?


Can you imagine being able to claim that of the millions of Christians that God Shepherds, provides for, cares for, and directs every day; “Not one thing” He has done has ever failed. Not one time has even one mistake been made. If something goes wrong, that’s on us, not Him.

Today I encourage you to meditate on the fact that I am persuaded that He is able to never, ever, ever, ever fail me!