December 04, 2018



* 1Corinthians 4:2 Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

* Proverbs 28:20 A faithful man shall abound with blessings….

God calls us to be faithful in four major areas:
I. God Calls Us to Be Faithful in His Word
II. God Calls Us to Be Faithful in Our Worship

III. God Calls Us to Be Faithful in Our Walk
The Bible describes our lifestyle with the word “conversation”. What do people hear when they look at our lives? We could very easily be faithful to read God’s Word and to attend church, yet fail in our walk. There are a lot of Christians who read their Bibles, pray, and attend church, yet the world sees them as a fake because they see how they act outside church. Many men who dress up for Sunday morning lose their families because their suits do not match their hearts. Paul wrote to the church of Ephesus, “I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called.” We all have the job of being a better Christian. Some may have the job of being a better husband or father this year. Some may have the job of being a better co-worker this year. We must decide personally, but I guarantee everyone can make adjustments. If we are more faithful to a group or activity, but lose our wife or kids, we will have chosen the wrong object of our faithfulness.

IV. God Calls Us to Be Faithful in Our Witness
* Isaiah 43:10 Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me. 11 I, even I, am the LORD; and beside me there is no saviour. 12 I have declared, and have saved, and I have shewed, when there was no strange god among you: therefore ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, that I am God.
* Acts 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
In the book The Unchurched Next Door, Dr. Thom Rainer gave a statistic that scared me. He said that 98% of churchgoers never extend a church invitation to a friend or family member. What if the twelve disciples had adopted this form of evangelism? We would probably have never heard the gospel. Telling others about Christ was the life and focus of the disciples, and it should be ours also.

Remember our verse, “A faithful man shall abound with blessings..”.