May 9, 2018



I Chronicles 29:1 Furthermore David the king said unto all the congregation, Solomon my son, whom alone God hath chosen, is yet young and tender, and the work is great: for the palace is not for man, but for the LORD God

“Solomon my son…God hath chosen.”

David’s concern was that his son was young, inexperienced, and weak. David had another concern. “The work is great.” So, David did not know if his son was strong enough, and David was also afraid that the task was just too big.

It is not easy building something like the Temple, and it is not easy being king. It is not easy doing anything in which you are the one responsible. When you are king you must deal with PROBLEMS. There is always something wrong, something broken, and something that needs attention. Some other kingdom is always against you, some other king is always mad at you, and whatever you do, it falls on you.

When you are king, you must deal with PRESSURE. Are there enough jobs available in the kingdom? Everyone has expectations of the king. Everyone only sees their agenda, and they want what is best for their interest, and they get upset when the king decides against their cause. There is always something or someone coming at you from all directions. Meanwhile, everyone outside of the castle thinks that the king has an easy life, and has it made.

As king, you must deal with PEOPLE. Someone is always being critical of you. People that have no clue of all the facts, spend their time telling everyone all the mistakes they think you are making. People can be very difficult. It is the hardest part of any responsibility. It is lonely at the top. Everyone shooting at you because they are jealous, envious, or just miserable. You know no matter what you do, someone will not like it, and someone will be upset. Maybe that is why David was concerned for his son, because you must be very strong to handle people.

Then on top of all that, Solomon had the job of overseeing the construction of the Temple. Thousands of men working construction, making sure it is done correctly, and handling the unexpected challenges that always pop up. “The work is great”. Whatever God calls our children to do one day will be a great task. However, may I remind you, as a parent, that although the “work is great”, our “God is great”. I encourage you to take time right now to pray that God will allow your child to do great things for God, that God will strengthen your child for the task ahead, and thank God, by faith, for the power and protection that He will provide for them. He is able!