May 8, 2018



I Chronicles 29:1 Furthermore David the king said unto all the congregation, Solomon my son, whom alone God hath chosen, is yet young and tender, and the work is great: for the palace is not for man, but for the LORD God.

God chose Solomon to be king, and to head up the great honor of building the Temple. David gives an interesting statement about his son. David says that his son is “young and tender”, and that the “work is great”. Where do we start?

First, this word “tender” literally means “weak” in the Hebrew. David is concerned that this may be too great a task for Solomon, even though God chose him. In other words, ‘I do not know if my son is strong enough to do this’. As a dad, I know how David feels. Even though your son is quickly growing into a man in front of your eyes, he is still your baby. It is hard as a parent to admit to yourself that your child is becoming an adult. It scares you. Part of you believes they can do anything, and the other part of you is scared that they will.

As a dad, did I teach him my strengths, and did I conceal my weaknesses? As a parent, did I do a good enough job? Did I teach him the things he will need to know? Is he prepared, is he strong enough, and is he ready? David had made some big mistakes in his personal life, and so have each of us parents. Maybe David wondered if the pressure would get to Solomon like it had to him. Maybe David was concerned that Solomon would fall to temptation as he himself did in a weak, fleshly moment. David had great position as a young man, and in some ways, David was too “weak” to handle it. A parent always hopes and dreams that our children will handle things better than we did, accomplish more than we have, and be better than we were. But we don’t know for sure, until they head out of our house to make their own life.

Parents know their children’s weaknesses and strengths. We have a good idea what things might give them difficulty, and what things will bring out the best in them. We still feel that we need to do it for them. We will worry less if we just take care of things, but then how will they learn to take care of themselves. And on and on we could go! But, remember, God chose Solomon, and what an honor that God would choose your child to serve Him. As disappointed as David was in himself, how proud he must have been of his son. Yes, he is “young and tender”, but He is also “chosen”. Yes, as a a parent I have fears, but I also have trust in the God that chooses. Mom and Dad, I am persuaded that He is able to use our children to do great things.