October 31, 2019


“2 There they made him a supper; and Martha served:……”

She was always serving. I know sometimes Martha gets criticized. I know we’ve always made a big deal about the fact that even though Martha was a hard worker, Mary seemed to do the things that mattered even more. I certainly understand that, but I will make one comment. At least Martha was doing something. I know many Christians that don’t do either. Some don’t do anything. Maybe Martha became stressed by so much work, and maybe she got a little impatient with others if she did not feel that they were working as hard as she was, but she was always serving.

I could think of a lot of worse things to be said about someone. Wouldn’t it be great to have said at your funeral one day that you were always serving? We read about a lot of people that were always sitting, some that were always watching, and many religious men that were always criticizing, but Martha was always serving.

Could that be said about you? Could that be said about me? Maybe sometimes many of us are self-serving, but Martha was always others serving. She was always in the kitchen, she was always cooking something, she was always setting the table, and she was always mindful of others.

Yes, maybe she should have put the pots and pans down and spent a little more time at Jesus feet. Yes, maybe she should have spent a little more quality time feeding spiritually instead of working so hard to feed others physically. Maybe so, but at least she can say that she was not lazy, that she had a servants heart, that she constantly poured herself into the lives of others, and she also could say that whenever Jesus was near she served Him. Can we say that?