October 29, 2019



John 10:27
[27] My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

What a beautiful piece of scripture John 10 is. It describes Jesus as the Good Shepherd. One point I would like to make is that Jesus calling us sheep is not a term of endearment. Sheep are stupid, sheep can’t possibly take care of themselves. If a sheep is to survive any length of time it must have a Good Shepherd, and we have the best “Good” Shepherd. That word Good means beautiful, handsome, excellent, eminent, choice, praiseworthy, noble, honorable, comforting, precious….and the list actually keeps going. Just a couple of things I noticed about our Good Shepherd from this verse.

#1 He says “My sheep” if you are a Christian we belong to Jesus. Jesus identifies with us, Jesus assumes responsibility for us. A Shepherd will make sure that his sheep are fed, taken care of, protected. Jesus not only said you are sheep, but you are “My Sheep.”

#2 “Hear my voice” the Shepherd speaks to us. The Shepherd wants to have a relationship with us. Isn’t it a wonderful thing when we sit down, and open the Word of God, or bow on our knees to pray that God wants to speak to us? Could we take just a moment to realize and reflect on how awesome that is? Are you listening for the voice of the Shepherd today?

#3 “I know them” this means that we are not just a number to Jesus, not just part of the flock. Jesus knows your name, He knows what’s on your heart today, He knows everything about you. Jesus knows you individually, intimately, you are not anonymously a part of the herd.

#4 “they follow me” not only do we belong to the Shepherd, not only does He speak to us, and not only does He know us, but He has plans for us. This verse says that we should follow Him. Jesus wants you and I to follow Him, and accomplish what He put us here to do.

What more could we ask of the Good Shepherd. Just wanted you to be encouraged today that the Good Shepherd is doing a great job, and we just need to trust and follow Him.

Frank Newsome