September 22, 2018



Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations

We have discussed what God has cleaned and clarified in this verse. We started with the first claim:


Now let’s move on to the second claim:

This particular word means that God not only knew us before anyone else did, but that God also knows us better than anyone else knows us. This word literally means to understand, to know how something operates. God understands us better than we understand ourselves. God knows our personality. God knows our weaknesses. God knows our strengths. God knows how we think. God knows our shortcomings. God knows where we have a tendency to mess up. God knows where we have the tendency to be at our best. God understands everything about us. He knows how we tick. Before we came out of the womb, God understood us.

I can tell you something even better than that. God understood us before we were even conceived. In this verse God says, “Before I formed thee in the belly”. That means that even before the moment of conception, God knew and understood each of us. We did not have to be physically seen and heard for God to understand us. God understood us before our mom and our dad ever looked upon us. Of course this disproves the manipulating myth of abortion. Life, I believe, not only begins at the moment of conception, but I believe it begins even before that. Our life began with the foreknowledge of God. God knew us before our physical mother and father ever even met.

May I remind you today that God knows you. There may be some things about you that your mate doesn’t even know. There may be some things about you that your children, or even your parents don’t know about you. There may be some things that you have hidden from your friends, fellow church members, and even those closest to you. But dear friend, God knows you. There’s no sense trying to hide anything from God. It is useless to try to fake it with God. You and I might as well be open and honest before God. He already knows us. Even more, He knows us better than we know ourselves.