March 31, 2018



II CORINTHIANS 4:7 But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.

We are “earthen vessels”. We are vessels that are of the earth. The Bible says that God created man out of the “dust of the earth”. And our physical bodies will go right back to earth one day when we die, but our soul will live forever.

The verse also says “in” earthen vessels. This means that God created us as vessels for the purpose of being “filled” with something. For God to say that something was “in” us as earthen vessels, means we were made to “hold” something. We were made to “House” something. We are empty vessels that have the capacity to be filled up. This verse tells that as believers, we have a treasure that is in us. That treasure has filled that empty area that we were created with as earthen vessels.

Now here is what is interesting. The vessel isn’t that valuable, but the treasure is. If you bought me a Rolex watch and wrapped it in a box, I would not throw away that watch and keep the box. The box wasn’t what was valuable, the watch was. What makes us “earthen vessels” valuable here on earth is the fact that we are carrying a treasure inside of us. What is that treasure? Well the treasure in us is God the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit in us provides the “excellency of power” directly from God the Father Himself. We were made to be filled by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit came to fill us with excellent power. As long as we know that the excellent power is “not of us”.

Excellent power is created by God, it is delivered to us by the Holy Spirit, and it is manifested in our lives when we rely upon God for it, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.