March 26, 2018



LAMENTATIONS 3:22 It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. 23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Just so each of us understand how important the mercy of God is. We are told what life would be like if we did not have it. In short, we would have no life. We would be “consumed”. That is pretty clear. Consumed by what?

* Consumed by our own sin
* Consumed by our circumstances
* Consumed by our own weaknesses
* Consumed by Satan’s power
* Consumed by our own confusion
* Consumed by God’s wrath

And there are others, but that is enough to make the point. Any number of things would be too much for us if not for the mercy of God.

As if that was not enough, we are also the benefactors of God’s compassion. It never fails. God creates man, and man sins against God. God provides redemption, and man rebels against God. Do you notice a trend here? And yet God still has compassion on us. So the mercy and compassion of God are two things that we are very undeserving of. And yet, we are told that we are given fresh, new mercy and compassion every morning. That means it “resets”. It always new. They do not wear down or wear out. Trust me, if they could wear out, we would have worn them out. But God starts it new every day. We have a clear slate with God. When we wake up everyday, we have brand new compassion, and brand new mercy for that day. Yesterday is forgiven, last week is forgotten. No matter how much of God’s mercy we used up yesterday, God has a fresh load for us today.

How could God do that? How could we deserve that? Well there is just one answer to that. The Faithfulness of God is “great”. It is so great, that you can count on it. When I go to bed at night, I know when I wake up that God will be faithful to provide me with new mercy and new compassion for that day.

What a combination: new mercy, new compassion, and great faithfulness!

I am persuaded that He is able!