March 30, 2018



Psalm 59:1 Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me.

It sure is difficult, when individuals are against us, to stay still and let God take care of it. The word “enemies” is used here in this verse. I do not know about you, but so called “enemies” don’t really bother me so much. It is the so called “friends” that cause me issues. I guess David understood that also. We believe that David is writing this as he is running from Saul who is trying to kill him. Saul was his so called “friend”. Saul was his king, his mentor, and his father-in-law. There are occasions where you friends or family can feel like “enemies”. Now I dare say that none of us are running from for our lives from an individual, hiding in caves, bushes, and mountains as David did. I sure hope not. If you are, stop reading this devotional and call the police. 😁

In all seriousness, people in our lives do not usually throw spears at us as Saul did David. However, they throw words, criticisms, lies, and accusations. Sometimes that hurts worse than maybe a spear would. A spear wound might eventually heal, but words can hurt for a lifetime. David here asks for God to “deliver” him, and “defend” him from that. That phrase “them that rise up against” is interesting. It means individuals that you did not expect to do that. There are some people that you know are against you, and it won’t surprise you if they say something about you. But then there are people that you never thought would do that, and that hurts the worst. It literally, as described in this verse, came out of nowhere. Usually it is an individual that you have done a lot for, or spent a lot of time with. It is sometimes a person that you care about, or even love.

Please hear this from me today, if you hear anything. There are just some things that we cannot defend ourselves from. There will always be things said that we didn’t know were said. There may be lies told about us that we will never hear. There could be critical remarks spread around that we can never seem to be able to trace back to who started it. You can be frustrated your entire life, and trying to defend yourself your entire life, and never get anywhere. Your true friends won’t believe it, your enemies won’t believe you, and the rest do not care. You will wear yourself out and everyone around you will be tired of hearing you complain. Just let God do the defending. He knows you, He knows them, and He knows the truth.

David said here to God, “you are ‘my God’”. And dear friend, if you are redeemed by the blood of Christ, He is your God to. Ask Him to “deliver” and “defend” you from it. And He will!