November 05, 2019


1 I am the true vine,…..

Whenever the Bible says that something is “true”, that implies that there is also something that is “false”. Jesus says here that He is the “true vine”. So let’s dissect this short, little, yet powerful phrase.

What is a vine and what does it do?
The dictionary says that a vine is “the stem of a plant”. This simply means that the vine is what supplies the life giving and sustaining nutrients to the branches of a plant. There would be no birth, growth, or fruit without the vine. Fruit could never grow without nutrients, and nutrients could never get to the branch that births that fruit without the vine. No vine means no life, which means no plant. Jesus is that “vine”. We can bear no fruit if we are not connected to Jesus. We cannot grow if we are not connected to Jesus. We have no life if we are not connected to Jesus.

Why does Jesus say that He is the “true vine”?
There are many things that you and I try to “connect” to in our life. Things that we think will help our life, make us happy, and satisfy our desires. We give our time to these things, our effort to these possessions, and assign them as top priorities in our life. However, we soon find out that there is no real, sustainable nutrients in those worldly things. They are “false vines”. They have fooled us. They will leave us empty and fruitless. We don’t grow because we realize we are connected to vines that don’t have vital nutrients.

So, don’t be fooled by false , favorable, worldly vines. Get connected to Jesus and let Him be your vine to allow you to grow and bear fruit. Only, He is the “true vine”.