June 05, 2019


5 Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:

Getting along with people is not always easy. I guess I should say getting along with certain people is not always easy. Paul says that we are to endeavor “to be like minded one toward another according to Christ Jesus”. It is not always easy to be like-minded. I do not believe this means that we are to walk around like robots imitating each other and being exactly like each other. Paul makes that clear in the previous chapter.

The difference is we are to be like-minded “according to Christ Jesus”. This means that we need Christ to help us do this. It also means that Christ is going to have to be the center of these relationships. You and I know how difficult this can be, and as I said earlier, it is very difficult with certain people. Do not dismay. We are given a fantastic promise in this verse.

“The God of patience and consolation grant you.” God has exactly what you and I need to accomplish this. He is the GOD OF PATIENCE. God knows that you and I will need Spirit filled patience at times to be able to stay like-minded with others. We will grow impatient and frustrated. Our flesh will grow weary and tired of the effort that is involved to get along with others. Our pride will begin to want our way, and our pride will want others to do things our way, but we serve the God of patience.

We also serve the GOD OF CONSOLATION. This word means comfort. It means there will be times where God will have to comfort us from the pain and heartache that circumstances and other people can inflict on our lives. We will also be hurt at times by people that are close to us and have not comforted us or been there for us like we think they should. Unfortunately, we often place unrealistic expectations on friends and family. We are to rely upon Him for that, so that we can continue to be like-minded with others. We can’t be like-minded with others, when we are bitter at them.

This passage says that God will “grant” that to us. God is faithful to minister what we need to us when we need it. Rely upon God today to get along with those difficult people that God has placed in your life.