October 30, 2018



PROVERBS 28:5 Evil men understand not judgment: but they that seek the LORD understand all things.

So many things in life can seem so unfair. Each of us can be so confused why certain things happen, and why certain things happen to certain people. We can begin to question why God would allow these things to take place. Solomon spent much of his life struggling with the things that seemed unfair, vain, and unsatisfactory. Moses could not understand why God did certain things. Jacob certainly struggled with it too. We could go on and on with individuals in and out of the Bible that did not understand certain “judgments”.

This word “judgment” means verdict or ruling. We believe that God is our judge. I do believe that God is seated on the “highest throne”. There are so many things that we will never understand in our minds because we are not Holy and perfect like God is and we do not know the past, present, and future as God does. Each of us are also inherently “evil”. We were all born with a sinful flesh. Even though we might be saved, we still have an evil flesh. When you and I are being controlled by that flesh, we will struggle with some of God’s judgments.

Notice what this verse says. “They that seek the LORD understand all things”. This is the key. Here is the answer: Instead of seeking answers, we need to seek the Lord. Instead of seeking what is fair, we need to seek the Lord. Instead of seeking justice, we need to seek the Lord. This verse makes it clear that for us to begin to understand God, we must seek Him. As long as you and I are seeking reasons, we will never understand. You see, when we forget about justice, forget about answers, forget about what makes sense to us, and forget about what we think is fair, and we just determine to seek God and His will, it is amazing how we will begin to be at peace with what God does. When our old flesh kicks up, we’re going to struggle with everything that happens. But when we submit to the Lord and seek His face, we begin to accept and submit to what God is trying to do. I am persuaded that He is able to help us understand.