January 1, 2018



Numbers 23:19 “God is not a man, that he should lie;…”

Could you imagine serving a God that had the capability to lie. Even if it was a rare, occasional thing, how miserable would it be to give your life to serve someone who might lie to you. It would at the very least create doubt in our minds. If there was one thing that we could doubt about God, then that would mean that we could doubt everything about God. We would doubt creation. We would doubt His promises. We would doubt His warnings. We would doubt His salvation. We would doubt His Word. We would doubt Jesus. We would doubt the Holy Spirit. We would doubt everything we believe about our faith. If He ever told one lie, then He would be a liar.

We are also told in clear terms that God is not a man. God does not have the same flaws that man has. God does not have the same nature that a man does. Man, in his weakness, might have a tendency to lie, steal, cheat, bend the truth, take liberties with the truth, embellish details, or exaggerate certain elements of the truth. But God is not capable of doing that. We sometimes find it hard to fully trust God, because we have learned that we often cannot fully trust man. We sometimes put God at the same level of individuals that have disappointed us, or have let us down. If God was like man, then He would be no different from us. If God was at our level, then that would logically place us at God’s level. That means we all would try to govern ourselves and everyone around us. However, God is at a higher level. God is above us, and He is not like us. He is greater, stronger, perfect, and flawless.

So rest easy my dear friend. Today and every day, you can trust Him, because “God is not a man, that He should lie”.