March 7, 2018



ROMANS 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God does have some stipulations given here in verse 28. All things do not work out for good for everyone, and for every situation. There are some requirements. Let me explain these to you.

“To them that love God”

Because of the requirement, it would lead to an obvious question. Do you really love God? However, let me explain something. None of us love God as we should, or as He deserves. God deserves to be loved with the same love with which He has loved us. But you and I are not perfect. I believe that we can at times show the perfect love of God to others and maybe even to God Himself. But we cannot sustain that on a constant basis. We simply are human, and have a sinful flesh.

The question is not if we love God perfectly. The question is do we love Him. I don’t know about you husbands and how you love your wives, but I love my wife very much. However, I do not love her perfectly. I wish I did because I feel that she deserves that. But I don’t. I want to, but I can’t. I let her down sometimes, I overlook her sometimes, and I even mistreat her sometimes. She deserves better, and I want to give her better, and I do love her, but I do not love her perfectly. You see, God does not demand perfect love, He gives perfect love. Yet He does demand love in order for Him to have the freedom to work things out in our life.

You see if we don’t love God, then we will not trust God. And if we do not trust God,  we will not depend on God. And if we do not depend on God, then we will tend to do things without God. And if we do things without God, there is no way that things will work out for good. They will produce a result, but not a good one. They will accomplish a purpose, but not the purpose of God. I am not asking if you today if you love God perfectly, or completely. I am asking you today if you love God as much as you should. I am asking do you love God enough to trust him. If you do, then things will work out for good.